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Sarah Tarry

Sarah Tarry has been the Director of Defence Policy and Capabilities within the Defence Policy and Planning Division of NATO’s International Staff since November 2018.  Her portfolio includes work on NATO’s deterrence and defence posture, resilience, enablement, space, and other defence policy issues.

Prior to this she was the Head of the Operational Preparedness Section within NATO’s Operations Division. Previously, she held a variety of positions in the Canadian Ministry of Defence, including as the Deputy Director for Peacekeeping Policy, and the Deputy Director of NATO Policy. Her most recent position prior to returning to Brussels was in Canada’s Privy Council Office, where she worked in the Secretariat responsible for providing foreign and defence policy advice to Canada’s Prime Minister. Between 2008 and 2012, Ms. Tarry served in the Canadian Joint Delegation to NATO and subsequently in the Defence Policy and Planning Division of the NATO International Staff.

Sarah Tarry,
Director of Defence Policy and Capabilities, Defense Policy and Planning Division,