Registration & General Inquiries

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Monday – Thursday: 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. EDT
Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. EDT

Why Attend CyberLEO?

The LEO revolution has arrived. Thousands of small satellites are being launched every year, and several LEO constellations are coming online in 2023. New technology, rapid launches, hundreds of thousands of entry points – LEO creates the opportunity for emerging technologies and innovation, but also creates a playground for bad actors to take advantage of these constellations. How will we secure the path to LEO?

CyberLEO tackles these challenges with the following approach:

Classified Day, May 10

The Classified Program sets this event apart– nowhere else will you find more government and military participants working to identify threat vectors and formulate solutions to thwart next-generation attacks. Speakers will share TS-SCI level presentations on how to build resiliency and ensure safety within the space ecosystem.

Unclassified Program, May 11-12

Attend the only cybersecurity event dedicated to LEO and emerging technologies. Hear from high-level leaders in satellite, space, cybersecurity, and government for discussions and in-depth insight into the latest cyber threats.

Who will be there?

Explore a sampling of attendees from the inaugural CyberLEO event:

  • Aerospace Corporation, Systems Director
  • Aerospace Corporation, Associate Member of Technical Staff
  • Aerospace Corporation, Senior Cybersecurity Project Leader
  • Aerospace Corporation, Sr. Project Engineer
  • Ajou University, Professor
  • Amazon, Principal Systems Dev Engineer/Security Architect
  • Astronics AeroSat, Director of Applied Technology
  • Axient, Cybersecurity Engineer
  • CA Cybersecurity Institute, CCI Tech Advisor
  • Cambrian Works, Inc., CEO
  • Cambrian Works, Inc., CTO
  • Capella Space, VP Information Technology & Security
  • Capgemini, Solutions Architect
  • CISA, Senior Advisor, National Risk Management Center
  • Comtech EF Data/Xicom, President & CEO
  • CrossCountry Consulting, Practice Lead
  • Cyber Ocean, Cyber Director
  • DARPA, Program Manager, Strategic Technology Office
  • Galvanick, CEO
  • Galvanick, CTO
  • GoldiLock Air, CEO
  • IBM, Associate Partner
  • IBM, Manager, X-Force Cyber Range R&D Team
  • IMPRES, Systems Engineer Team Lead
  • Inmarsat, VP of Security and Cyber
  • Iridium, Executive Director, Network Infrastructure
  • Iridium, Director IT Security
  • Iridium, Vice President & Chief Information Office
  • IronNet, Cybersecurity Strategist
  • Johns Hopkins University APL, Group Supervisor for the Resilient Military Systems Group
  • Johns Hopkins University APL, Senior Computer Scientist
  • Joint Center for Electromagnetic Readiness (JCER), Threat Analyst
  • Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Director, DoD Space Solutions Development
  • Kymeta, Technical Product Manager
  • L3 Harris Technologies, Manager Business Development
  • L3 Harris Technologies, Director, Business Development
  • LeoLabs, Director Government Relations
  • Leonardo DRS, Director Engineer & Advanced Technologies
  • Lockheed Martin Corporation, Engineering Manager
  • Mantech, Space Systems Engineering Executive
  • Maxar Space LLC, IA Product Development
  • Microsoft, CTO Azure Global & VP Mission Systems
  • Microsoft, Principal Program Manager
  • MTSI, Vice President, Chief Security Officer
  • National Cybersecurity Center, VP of Operations
  • National Telecommunications and Information Administration, Associate Administrator, Office of International Affairs
  • Northrop Grumman, Staff Systems Engineer
  • Northrop Grumman, Strategy Manager
  • Northrop Grumman, Systems Engineer
  • NRO, Chief Scientist R&D
  • NSR, Principal Analyst
  • NTS, Director of Strategic Development, Space
  • OneWeb, Vice President for International Government Engagement
  • Optimal Satcom, COO
  • Planet, VP Corporate Engineering and Security
  • Quantum Xchange, CEO
  • Quantropi Inc., CTO
  • Quintillion SubSea Operations LLC, CSO
  • Sandia National Laboratories, Cybersecurity R&D
  • SEAKR Engineering, Director, Information Systems and Security
  • SEAKR Engineering, VP, Engineering
  • Sidus Space, CEO
  • Sigma Tech, Advanced Capabilities, Cyber Analyst
  • Southwest Research Institute, Engineer
  • SpaceLink, VP National Security
  • Speedcast, Vice President Engineering Operations
  • SpiderOak, CEO
  • Spire, VP Software Engineering
  • Stanford University, Postdoctoral Scholar and Lecturer
  • Stephenson Stellar Corporation, Cyberspace Engineer | Cyberspace and Space Intelligence SME
  • SupInf Technologies, LLC, Architect
  • Symetricore LLC, CEO & Founder
  • Telesat, Director, Cybersecurity and Compliance
  • Trisept, Software Security Engineer/QA
  • U.S. Air Force, Program Manager
  • U.S. Space Force, Deputy Director Space Warfighting Analysis Center
  • U.S. Space Force, Integration Section Chief
  • UltiSat, President & CEO
  • Viasat, CTO, Network System Group
  • Wavestream, Sr. Business Development & Sales Director