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The Aerospace Corporation is a nonprofit corporation that operates a federally funded research and development center. It provides guidance and advice to military, civil, and commercial customers ensuring the success of complex, technology-based programs. The Aerospace Corporation is headquartered in El Segundo, Calif., with multiple locations across the United States.

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Comtech is a leading provider of innovative products, systems, and services for advanced communications solutions. With more than 50 years of proud history in technology innovation and product quality, our cutting-edge satellite communications solutions are deployed globally to support governments and commercial users on mission-critical applications.

Kepler is on a mission to build the internet for space to provide real-time, continuous connectivity for space communications. Incorporated in 2015, the company is vertically integrated, designing and deploying a next-generation hybrid constellation equipped with RF and optical technology to modernize communications to missions in LEO and beyond. 

Red Balloon Security is a leading cybersecurity provider and research firm, specializing in safeguarding embedded devices across critical industries. Our cutting-edge products, services, and expertise offer a range of host-based firmware security solutions, delivering continuous runtime monitoring while protecting your embedded systems from exploitation.

UltiSat is a global provider of end-to-end solutions for managed networks, airborne communications, specialized global wireless, and systems engineering and integration. Customers in government, humanitarian aid, and critical infrastructure markets have unique communications requirements and greater demand for resiliency

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wolfSSL’s Cybersecurity products are currently in service in the sky protecting space based assets from compromise. wolfSSL’s TLS, secure boot and cryptography libraries are used by every branch of the US military, our products are deployed in satellites, tanks, missile systems and aircraft. Our cryptography is developed and supported here in the USA, 24/7.


Defense Daily has been the leading daily publication for business leads and defense market intelligence in land, sea, air, and space initiatives for over 65 years. We’re delivering our award winning reporting to thousands of unique users a month.

The SATELLITE Conference and Exhibition was launched in 1981 with the goal to connect and unite the satellite industry as we headed toward new frontiers. Over the past 44 years, SATELLITE has served the satellite and space communities and broadened the scope of content to encompass professionals in commercial markets benefiting from satellite technology and applications. To learn more about the event, visit www.SATShow.com.

The Space ISAC serves to facilitate collaboration across the global space industry to enhance our ability to prepare for and respond to vulnerabilities, incidents, and threats; to disseminate timely and actionable information among member entities; and to serve as the primary communications channel for the sector with respect to this information.

Via Satellite has provided essential news and expert business analysis on the global commercial communications satellite industry, including current and evolving applications, infrastructure issues, technology, and business and regulatory developments around the world for more than 35 years.