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Cybersecurity is more relevant than ever. In 2022, we saw incidents of jamming, GPS spoofing, and other cyberattacks launched against Viasat internet services in Ukraine – coinciding with Russia’s invasion. There is little doubt that the sophistication level of cyber criminals and their attack vectors has increased; you need to plan and prepare your organization against such threats. The CyberSatGov Advisory Board, comprised of leading cybersecurity experts, works diligently to develop an agenda for both a Classified Day and an Unclassified Program that focuses on the vulnerable aspects of the satellite ecosystem and features content and speakers that can help you formulate solutions to protect your assets.

Preview what’s to come, please view our full agenda from CyberSatGov ’22.


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Tuesday, November 1 (Separate ticket required)

The Classified Program sets CyberSatGov apart – nowhere else will you find more government and military participants working to identify threat vectors and formulate solutions to thwart next-generation attacks. The DoD, intelligence community, cybersecurity professionals, and satellite industry leaders will discuss advancements and challenges in assuring space system missions throughout the ever-increasing cyber-contested lifecycle.

Please note: To register for CyberSatGov’s Classified Day Program, you must possess a valid TS/SCI Clearance.


CyberSatGov is the only satellite security event in the world that successfully fuses satellite, space, cyber, and government to educate on threat vectors and deliver solutions to thwart next-generation attacks. We’re bringing the satellite community together with the government and military markets to have a comprehensive discussion about cybersecurity.