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Our mission is to bring you discussions, updates, briefings, and lessons learned stemming from real-world experiences that will make a positive impact on your cybersecurity strategy.  That’s why we work closely with our Advisory Board to build a program that you can feel confident in.

Two of the hottest topics in the satellite industry right now are Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and cybersecurity. With multiple constellations being launched, we could see tens of thousands of satellites entering LEO. Cyber LEO will become the epicenter of discussion surrounding security issues in a LEO world.

Topics you can expect:

  • Open source software for LEO networks: How software could impact the LEO revolution.
  • Network segmentation: How satellite networks can segment themselves to be more secure
  • Ransomware: What would be the mitigation response if your satellite company was compromised?
  • Case Studies: What can the satellite industry learn from recent high profile data hacks such as Twitch?
  • Up-to-Date Threat Briefings: What are the threats you should be looking out for:
  • End-to-end product security: How technology players can enable a secure future for new satellite players
  • Space Force and their Space Vision 2030
  • Supply Chain 2022: Where are the weaknesses and how can they be countered?
  • Sustainable space in LEO: Keeping a clean and secure space